Argument ensued after a senior citizen ordered children to vacate their seat

Giving seats to women is still up for debate but offering one’s space to a senior citizen is a no brainer. But this seemingly easy and kind gesture can sometimes be a struggle especially when the elderly being offered the seat to, is rude.

Just recently, a video of a senior citizen was caught belittling his fellow LRT-1 passengers.

According to the Facebook user who posted the viral video, the man barged into the train and ordered two children to stand up and vacate their seats for him.

Many didn’t appreciate the behavior the senior citizen displayed.

During the ride, a heated argument ensued between the elder and a female passenger. The woman suggested that the man clearly didn’t fit in the environment, so he shouldn’t have ridden the public transportation.

“Di ka bagay dito sa LRT,” the passenger said. The woman also argued that the man shouldn’t have ordered the younger passengers to give up their seat. To which the man, who identified himself as a lawyer, replied, “Pag nakakatayo na ang bata, patayuin na!”

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The female passenger then said that since the man is educated like he said, he should’ve acted differently. “Oo, abogado ako kaya alam ko ang batas!” the man replied.

Evidently, most of the passengers witnessing the altercation were growing irritated. The squabble only ended when some of the commuters stopped the two.

Many social media users didn’t appreciate the man’s distasteful behavior, while some argued that it was the woman who’s at fault.

Indeed, senior citizens are entitled to seats in public places, and respecting them is a value everyone should keep in mind. But at the same time, it wouldn’t hurt if these elderlies reciprocated the kindness that was shown them.

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Watch the video here.

Posted by Ian Jordan on Sunday, May 20, 2018

Posted by Ian Jordan on Sunday, May 20, 2018

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