Markki Stroem finally broke silence on rumored affair with Marvin Agustin

The majority of us are wondering about the reasons behind the undeniable closeness between Markki Stroem and Marvin Agustin. Well, the wait is finally over as both of them have just set the record straight.

Marvin was the first to vehemently deny the accusations. Now, Markki has finally broken his silence about the issue by refuting the rumors that the two have a “special” relationship with each other. The rumors were spread after the two celebs were caught on vacation together in Batangas and Japan.

During an interview with PEP, Markki Stroem denied the rumored affair.

“Everyone has their perception. Ako naman, di ba, kung pinag-uusapan, pinag-uusapan… Any publicity is good publicity, positive or negative… I’m not saying this is negative. He’s my friend, we do business together, so we’ve been working together for a while.”

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However, the singer-actor didn’t deny the fact that he used to hang out with Marvin.

“Dati… kasi we’re friends. We’re just friends.”

The 31-year-old performer also clarified that he’s single precisely because he wants to focus on his work.

“None, because I’d like to focus on work. Some people are called to be married, some people are called to be single, and I’m called to be single. I’m still young.”

Although, he’s not shutting down the possibility of being in a relationship eventually.

“I’m not closing any doors yet, but now I’m enjoying my life and living my life. My mom, she had me when she was 38. I want to be able to make enough money, to make enough livelihood so that my kids would be able to have a good life.”

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Source: PEP

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