Netizens amused at this restaurant’s unusual way of serving noodles to customers

No two restaurants in the world are exactly the same – even different chains of the same fast-food restaurant. From food they serve, to the theme of the restaurant, all restaurants have their own gimmicks which will entice customers to return. Some restaurants let their staff wear skates, some require their staff to sing, and others speak a different language related to the theme of the place. This restaurant however, does something completely different. This Japanese restaurant goes out of their way to serve their customers noodles in the most unusual way.

Photo Credit: definitelyfilipino

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A Facebook page called “Blogtamsu TV Philippines” recently shared a video of a customer having his noodles cut by one of the staff while eating. Every time the customer takes a bite out of his noodles, the extra length gets cut off by the waiting staff. At first, the guy was shocked after he saw the waitress pull out a pair of scissors and cut his noodles. He took bite after bite and the waitress kept following suit, religiously cutting the guy’s noodles. After a while, the customer decided there was nothing he could do about it, kept eating and letting the waitress do her job. And with that, he had no difficulty eating his noodles.

Photo Credit: definitelyfilipino

The post has received various comments from netizens, both positive and negative. Here are some of the comments:

“I think we’re gonna need someone like this for our Chinese.”

“You should do this in Oishi Bowl.”

“That would annoy the hell out of me.”

Someone even said that it was a dangerous thing to do, for the scissors might cut the customer’s tongue.

Photo Credit: definitelyfilipino

“It disturb the customer’s attention, baka pati dila mo maputol.”

Some even expressed their excitement, and most of them even wanted to try it out. The video has received 6k reactions and around 10k shares since it was posted.

Would you eat at a place like this if given the chance?

Watch the video below:

Posted by Blogtamsu TV Philippines on Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Source: Definitelyfilipino

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