A netizen shares this photo of a cute taho vendor companion

A lot can happen in an instant with social media, but not everyone gets a fair share of the spotlight. Just take this simple taho vendor who brought more than just a sweet taho but a story we can all share together.

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This Facebook post from a netizen named Kobemar Vincent Gabilan made us curious about this kid around Luneta park.

According to Kobemar, he is on his way home together with his friends when they noticed an adorable kid, who was just casually eating a hotdog, walking towards a taho vendor in the middle of the night.

“Galing kaming luneta sa may gilid lang ng rebulto ni Dr. Rizal, Habang naglalakad kami pauwe nakakita kami ng nagtitinda ng taho.”

After first they thought the kid was lost, but to their surprise, he was actually a companion of the vendor.

“May lumapit na bata akala namin nawawala siya habang kumakain ng hotdog, di namin akalain na kasama ni kuyang nagtataho etong gwapong bata na ito.”

Since the kid is undeniably good-looking for his age, the kid was instantly mobbed by Kobemar and his friends. They even asked him a few details about the kid, who is called by the name Omar and is originally from Nirvana, USA. And the vendor? He actually Omar’s uncle.

Syempre sa sobrang kahibangan ng mga classmate ko sa mga gwapo, pinagkaguluhan namin batang to! di mo narin masisisi kasi sobrang gwapo ng bata.

“Taga Nirvana daw siya pamangkin siya ni kuya. hahhaha lam na!”

Kobemar and his friends are also hoping for him to be a famous celebsomeday. He has some chances, just look at his adorable face!


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