Bride bursts into tears after seeing her special guests

At a wedding, all eyes will be on the bride and groom, but sometimes they are only the eyes of the closest family and friends just to keep the moment intimate. No matter how hard the couple wanted to squeeze in some guest, it just doesn’t always workout that way.

On the day of the nuptials of a couple from Warwickshire, UK, nobody, except for the groom, knew that there would be some additional guests for the bride that made everything close to perfection.

The bride, Liz is a dance and musical instructor of the theater group, Jaykays Dance Company. It has always been her passion to teach these children and throughout the years, they have grown so enamored of each other.

During the emotional wedding service, the couple was already waiting for the cue to exchange vows with the background song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.

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As the music starts, Liz can’t help but be excited and nervous at the same time, her husband pointed up to the balcony as her students sang the lyrics of her wedding song, she looked up and quickly burst into tears.

The video went viral and everyone was touched with the groom’s surprise for his doting bride, together with all her theater students.

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