This Woman Walks Around The Streets Of Manila To See If Men Would Harass Her!

A few days ago, Kami conducted a social experiment to discover if women were safe being alone on the streets at night. It stirred up debate among netizens, expressing different points of view on the matter and attempting to give light on who should be the blame. Guess what? Unwanted attention is NEVER the victim’s fault.

This research rooted from the previous test also led by the entertainment website. About ten months ago, Kami ran a social experiment wherein a woman, clad in a sleeveless pink top and black skirt, walked around the streets of Manila in broad daylight. The study sought to find answer to the question: “Do Manila men catcall?”

Unfortunately – Yes, they do.

Within one hour, the woman received unwelcome attention from random men. A barrage of diverse remarks from netizens then flooded the comments field, as expected. Shockingly, many online users still blamed the woman for wearing “inappropriate” clothes while walking around Manila slums.

On the other hand, some pointed out that clothes aren’t the reason why women get unwanted attention. They cited their own personal experiences of receiving such remarks while wearing pants, office and school uniforms, or outfits that don’t show much skin. Heck, some get catcalled while wearing long-sleeved tops and slacks.

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Many Facebook users then suggested Kami to conduct another experiment wherein a woman wears something “appropriate” this time—thus, the website’s new video which has been released on Thursday, May 24. Go and check it out yourself to cogitate who’s really at fault when catcalling occurs.

Catcalling social experiment

With this social experiment we tested if Manila men catcall when they see a beautifully dressed woman. And the results are really upsetting. Like to watch other incredible social experiments.

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But before you hit play, be sure you’ve already watched Kami’s prior social experiment below.

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