Take a look at Sarah Geronimo’s real persona off-cam

We can all say that celebrities can sometimes be different from their public and private personas, but to some celebs what we really see on-screen is their true personality in real life.

Case in point, we just discovered a video compilation of Sarah Geronimo and her true self off-cam. You won’t actually believe how high-spirited the popstar is.

We knew her as sweet and polite, and she’s definitely not that far from that in front of the public.

In the first clip, Sarah is seen acting frivolously while a fan is asking her to come closer near the camera to greet her fans.

Also, the popstar was caught inside a shopping mall while politely asking a fan whether they will be able to watch her performance and thanking them in the end.

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If you’ve ever been exposed to countless lights and cameras like her, you know it’s a must to look as fabulous as possible but Sarah, in her true self, is caught looking simple in her messy hairstyle without makeup, even.

And no one cares at all, for everyone is having fun while they are being serenaded by a professional singer.

The said video of Sarah has quickly gone viral and every one commends her for her natural and kind persona on and off camera.

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Source: Elitenewsfeed

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