Netizens skeptical over Barbie Imperial’s “no filter” photos

Have you ever wondered how celebrities keep their well-toned figures? Well, it’s because their work requires them to be as fabulous as possible and to do so means putting in time at the gym. Barbie Imperial is one such actress who obviously looks like she works out.

However, we have to admit that when it comes to photos, celebrities are a lot like us in that they also have to take a hundred selfies just to get that perfect shot.

“Araw Gabi” leading lady Barbie Imperial recently caused a stir on social media when she posted photos of herself with the hastag #nofilter. In contrast to the hashtag, some netizens were skeptical of the photos because they seemed edited.

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It wasn’t Barbie Imperial’s face that was edited, mind you. Her doll-like appearance is enough to captivate the hearts of fans. What made netizens suspicious were the bent railings behind the actress.

In the photos, the actress was seen posing on the patio of a building. Netizens pointed out that the photo was edited due to because of the bent railings.

According to the sources below, Barbie Imperial has already taken down the photo, replacing it with a different photo taken at the same spot. However, one look at Barbie’s second photo shows that the railings are still bent. This could mean that the prior photo wasn’t edited and the railings really were just bent.

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Source: Elitenewsfeed

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