This Dad Digs A Grave For His Critically Ill Daughter To ‘Prepare Her For Her Death’. Here’s The Reason WHY

The hardest thing that a parent can face is when they see their child hurting. Thus, the pain of seeing one’s child succumb to a terminal illness must be too much to bear. Such was the case with this Chinese father who came up with a bizarre way to prepare his daughter for the end of her life’s journey.

A father from Sichuan, China named Zhang Liyong and his wife thought of the most bizarre way to ease the pain for when their daughter, Zhang Xinlei, meets her maker.

Their daughter was only two months old when she was diagnosed with a blood disorder called Thalassemia. This condition causes the irregular production of hemoglobin which in turn causes the shortage of red blood cells. It can only be cured by replacing blood and costs a fortune to treat.

Since Liyong is only a farmer, having his daughter undergo treatment was a challenge. After spending about 100,000 yuan (PHP 820,000) for her medication, they had to stop the treatment because of financial problems. Afterwards, the couple decided to focus on preparing their daughter’s final resting place.

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The father accompanied his daughter to her final resting place in order to ease her into the inevitable.

“I could only come up with this idea – bringing her to play at this place. This is where she will rest in peace. All I can do is accompanying [SIC] her every day.”

Meanwhile, Liyong and his wife are expecting a second child and doctors suggest they keep the baby’s umbilical cord blood to save Xinlei. Funds are now being raised to help the family with Xinlei’s treatment.

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