Teenager shocked after pulling out a centipede from his ear

We need to seriously talk about proper hygiene. If reading this story won’t make you mindful, then we don’t know what will. Still not convinced? Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Take a look at this 14-year-old boy who discovered a centipede inside his ear.

In 2015, teenager Grant Botti from Arkansas experienced excruciating pain in his ear. He then stuck his finger inside his ear hole. At that moment, he was shocked to pull out a 4-inch centipede from within his ear cavity.

His mom, Angela Botti, rushed to his rescue and put the creature in an empty plastic container. Grant was brought to the hospital to get treated as, even after managing to take the centipede out, he was still in pain.

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The teenager’s attending physicians at Saline Memorial treated his eardrum abrasions. They bandaged his earhole before releasing him.

It was not clear, though, how the centipede was able to get inside his ear. He then confessed that it could have been caused by his recent swimming activities.

Doctors also shared that this was the first time they ever encountered such case, saying that they have removed various kinds of things from a person’s ear but never a centipede.

Watch the video below but be warned – it’s a bit of an earful.

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Source: telegraph

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