Sunshine Guimary is the visual representation of bodily perfection

If you’ve ever wondered what the perfect female figure looks like, then Sunshine Guimary is most probably the answer to your curiosity. This Cebuana FHM model became the talk of the town several months ago because of her pearly white complexion and her slender, hourglass-like physique. Who wouldn’t be allured by this woman’s goddess-like body?

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In a 2014 interview with the local men’s magazine, she confessed that she had been dreaming of gracing their cover someday — and she was ecstatic once she finally did.

“I’m a big fan of the magazine — whenever I see a new issue, iniisip ko palagi, masasama ako rito someday. Thankful nga ako kasi sa dinami-dami ng magaganda at seksing babae sa Cebu, ako pa rin ang napili niyo.”

Sunshine Guimary also admitted that she looks up to veteran star Sunshine Cruz and “Banana Sundae” babe Sunshine Garcia. Apart from her zeal for traveling, the Cebu-based model said she loves indulging in sumptuous food and shopping for signature brands overseas.

“I went to Macau and Hong Kong for my birthday last June. Instead of spending my money on a big party, I figured I’d get a hold of my favorite Louis Vuitton and Prada bags na lang. Bumili rin ako ng Victoria’s Secret na perfume tsaka Dior shades.”

Despite her love for the finer things in life, Sunshine Guimary shared that she’s not spoiled.

“Hindi mo ako kailangang gastusan. Mas importante sa aking nagkakaintindihan tayo sa lahat ng bagay. Pero kung regaluhan mo man ako, bonus na lang yun. Haha!”

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Source: FHM

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