Woman meets mystery man who has been leaving gifts at her brother’s resting place for more than 70 years

For more than 70 years, a mystery man has been leaving poems, letters, flowers, and gifts at Karl Smith’s resting place. And his sister, Anne Keary would like to meet him.

In 1947, a 12-year-old boy tragically met his end from water induced asphyxiation during a scout camping trip. Their entire village was devastated by his becoming one with the force. Dozens of letters poured in, consoling the family who was left behind.

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Photo Credit: Littlethings
Photo Credit: Littlethings

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But after seven decades of his tragedy, gifts still mysteriously appear at his final resting place.

A BBC journalist named, Camila Ruz, decided to help Anne. They embarked on the journey of searching for Karl’s dear friend.

During their research, they stumble upon a name frequently mentioned in Karl’s writings. His name is Dennis Parker. Anne’s neighbors then told her that they frequently see Dennis Parker visiting the church.

Photo Credit: Littlethings
Photo Credit: Littlethings
Photo Credit: Littlethings

Is Dennis our mystery man?

Sadly, no. A few days after, Anne received a call from Dennis Parker saying that he wasn’t the one leaving gifts at Karl’s final resting place. Disappointed, Anne was left disheartened.

“I’ve thought it is a shame because it’s like a [REDACTED] end, a cut-off,” she said.

But they pushed through.

Camila kept on looking for names and there is one name that keeps on popping up — Ronald Joseph Wesborough. This boy shared a tent with Karl during their scout trip.

A few days after, Camila came to Anne bearing good news. She has talked to Ronald.

“He’s been visiting for most of his life,” Camila emphatically said.

Photo Credit: Littlethings
Photo Credit: Littlethings
Photo Credit: Littlethings

A wide smile appeared in Anne’s face. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was going to happen!”

When Anne and Ronald finally met, he shared his memories with Karl. He revealed that he was with him on the day of the incident. He even dragged him out of the water.

“Things like that stick in your mind, don’t they? It’s horrible, isn’t it?” Anne asked. To which Ronald responded with a yes.

16 years after Karl’s leaving of this world, Ronald joined the police force because of him.

Photo Credit: Littlethings
Photo Credit: Littlethings

Anne then thanked him and expressed how happy she and her family were whenever they would see gifts at Karl’s final resting place.

“We’ve been very very touched by it. At the thought that there was someone still there…”

But, this mystery is only partially solved. Ronald admitted that he only left flowers, but never poems.

Who could the other person be?

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