Strong celebrity mothers who endured the passing of their babies

“You were unsure which pain is worse – the shock of what happened or the ache for what never will.” This quote from Simon Van Booy’s “Everything Beautiful Began After” perfectly encapsulates a mother’s experience of losing a baby. It takes an unimaginable amount of strength and courage to let go and start anew, but these six celebrity mothers were able to do that with the help of their supportive partners and family.

Here in the gallery we give you six strong moms you’re sure to admire for enduring such great tragedy.

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Shocking news greeted the world early in March after Saab revealed that she lost one of her twins (baby girl). Although right now, she and her husband Jim Bacarro are focused on the good – their healthy and very alive baby boy, Pancho.


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Tanya suffered a tragedy with her third baby with her husband Mark Lapid in 2013. Good thing that their daughter Madeleine came afterwards so as to bring joy to her mom and dad’s lives again.


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Before she and her husband Chito Miranda had their baby Miguel, Neri lost their firstborn. This prompted the two to lie low from social media for a few months sometime in 2015.


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When she was two months along, Regine unfortunately lost her firstborn with her husband Ogie Alcasid. But, thanks to their baby Nate, the two are currently living their best lives as happy parents.


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Mariel didn’t just lose one but FOUR babies before she and her husband Robin Padilla had baby Isabella. She was supposed to give birth to their firstborn at first, then triplets the second.


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Before the adorable Malia came into their lives, Pokwang and her American partner Lee O’Brian suffered from the passing of their firstborn.

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