Man accidentally took a photo of a missing woman which led to her rescue

In this age, everyone is obsessed with taking photos. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we always make sure to capture it. And just like the saying goes: if you didn’t take a photo, it didn’t happen.

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One chilly morning in 2015, American Keith Sheldon decided to take a walk around in the rural county of Tennessee. The entire land is majestically covered with snow after a week of heavy storms. As he was admiring the beautiful landscape, he took his camera out and started to take some shots, until he saw a frozen car stuck in the middle of the road. Curiously he wandered around and was shocked to find an old lady frozen to the ground. Her name is Patricia.

Photo Credit: Littlethings

When Keith went to her rescue, the 74-year-old woman weakly opened her eyes. Mortified by the withering old lady, he called 911. The responders then rushed her to the hospital. And miraculously, the woman survived.

Photo Credit: Littlethings

They then found out that Patricia’s daughter had been looking for her for two days now. She said that her mother suffers from a brain injury that constantly affects her decision-making process. She thanked all the responders, especially Keith, for saving her mom.

Photo Credit: Littlethings

“I was sent there for a reason, I think, and I’m glad for it,” Keith said.

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