Super mom Jinkee Pacquiao serves her family without the help of a housemaid

The moment a woman starts her own family, a mother’s duties commence. It has always been their responsibility to keep a caring atmosphere inside their homes. Obviously, no one does it better than our moms. Although most moms need the help of a housemaid every now and then, there those who can do it all singlehandedly. Enter super mom, Jinkee Pacquiao.

In a viral video, Jinkee Pacquiao was seen engrossing herself in the household chores without the help of their housemaid. Take note, the matriarch of the Pacquiao family had to take care of her husband, Sen. Manny Pacquiao, and their five children. So, just imagine the effort she had to exert just to meet all their needs.

Although it certainly looked like Jinkee Pacquiao is used to doing all the chores around their Forbes Park mansion, we still can’t fathom why she chose to do it all by herself.

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We all know about the Pacquiao couple’s humble beginnings and all the hard work they put in to obtain the opulent life they have now. After all that, one might feel that they deserve to indulge themselves by paying someone else to do the chores.

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