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Overweight man proves that a big heart outweighs good looks

If you think that good looks is the most important characteristic in finding “the one,” then you might want to give it a second thought once you meet this overweight man who married a stunning slim woman.

Kudi is no stranger to bullying. Weighing in at a staggering 265 pounds, this Thai man attracts comments that constantly ridicule his looks. The people around him even gave him the nickname “Ball” because of his girth. But none of that mattered once he met the love of his life, Puwadol.

In contrast to Kudi, Puwadol is a petite woman who only weighs 97 lbs. Despite the huge weight and size difference between them, Puwadol fell deeply in love with Kudi. Don’t be surprised, that’s just what love does to people.

Puwadol isn’t blinded by her affection for the overweight Kudi. Her eyes work fine just like most of ours do. It’s just for this gorgeous nurse, looks don’t matter.

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“Many people look at us and call Ball fat, but we do not care because I am in love with the person not just what he looks like.”

Preach, sister!

The two have been together for ten years before they finally decided to get married last year. Puwadol also gave birth to their beautiful baby girl last December.

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