Stefano Mori’s life before and after leaving the entertainment scene

The 90s Filipino pop culture is a nostalgic route worth reminiscing. You would be lying if you’d say you didn’t enjoy those dazzling butterfly clips, hit teen-oriented flicks, and watching the young heartthrobs back then who made us feel kilig everytime they appeared on screen.

Among these good-looking juveniles was Stefano Mori, the handsome teen who starred in “G-mik” with batchmates Carlo Aquino, Angelica Panganiban, Miko Samson, John Prats, and Camille Prats. If you’re having quite a rusty memory, I’ll give you a clue—he was the one who didn’t want anybody to touch his curtained hair.

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It was quite saddening, though, that Stefano quit the ‘biz and discontinued his promising career for good. He migrated to Italy with his family in 2002, leaving his “G-mik” and “JCS” (John, Carlo, and Stefano) troupe behind.

But fret not, as the former celebrity actually turned out well in his chosen path. Today, he is an entrepreneur who owns Casa Italia which has a branch in the Philippines and in the European country.

A video also claimed that Stefano got engaged in 2016, but there were no further details whether he and his partner already wed or not. Truly, Stefano remains private since leaving the entertainment circle years ago.

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Check out the video below.

Source: YouTube , Philnews

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