Moi Bien is the luckiest nanny in the country!

Being a nanny is definitely not an easy task. Apart from usually having to go far away from your loved ones, the work itself is taxing. Of course, it is rewarding at times when you see the people you are tasked to take care of appreciate you. Moi Bien knows this all too well. If you think about it, she’s probably the luckiest nanny out there.

Why? Well, if you didn’t know yet, Moi Bien or Hatima Marcampo is the nanny/Personal Assistant (PA) of the one and only Piolo Pascual. Do we really need to say more?

Ever since she was employed by Piolo Pascual, their bond kept on growing by the day! She’s not just his nanny, Moi Bien is the hunky actor’s best friend. Just check out their pictures together! If you didn’t know what their relationship is, you’d think that she’s with Papa P.

Just look at how close they are! And yes, she has seen big Papa P’s little P. That’s right! This lucky girl has seen Heaven and she’s so close with him.

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It’s not just that though! Moi Bien is so loved by Piolo Pascual that he even gave her roles and opportunities in show business. Do you remember that mellow yet low-key sassy housemaid from 2009’s Kimmy Dora? That’s her! Apart from all that, she was even a contestant on the reality show, Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown. Top it all off when she worked with the Megastar Sharon Cuneta in last year’s Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha, she has done it all!

Not just on cam success! Piolo Pascual even sponsored Yaya Moi’s studies and now, she is a holder of a Culinary Arts and Professional Kitchen Management diploma!

With all that, it’s easy to say that Moi Bien is definitely the luckiest nanny in the country!

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