Check out JM de Guzman’s loving and supportive mother, Han Carteciano Gob

Many celebrities go through difficult times. After all, hardships are part of the natural ebb and flow of life. But if we were to name someone who probably had it the hardest, it might be JM de Guzman.

JM disappeared from the limelight for two years to recover from substance abuse. It was never easy for him, even before he got involved in using illegal substances, admitting that he was bullied as a little boy. But with perseverance and continuous support from his family, JM has successfully jumped over the highest hurdles life has offered him.

It’s safe to say that he doesn’t credit this achievement only to himself, but to his loving mother as well.

Han Carteciano Gob, JM’s mother, proved herself to be a supportive and loving mother for sticking with her son during the toughest of times.

She is not only a mother but a loyal supporter as well! If you scroll down her Instagram profile, you’ll see a lot of pictures of her son. You might also spot several pictures of her son with his newest leading lady, Barbie Imperial. She’s a proud shipper, indeed.

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For instance, take a look at the photo she uploaded on May 6. In the caption, she questioned in jest:

“ano na b meron ha adrian at mich at isinasabuhay nyo na ata haha”

ano na b meron ha adrian at mich at isinasabuhay nyo na ata haha

A post shared by hanelore gob (@han_gob69) on

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Source: ABS-CBN

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