Parents dismayed at priest for wearing inappropriate clothes during baptism

For most parents, their child’s baptism is among the most significant milestones in their child’s Christian life. It is often a huge festivity. In fact, sometimes, its celebration even is grander than the kid’s first birthday. Unfortunately for these parents, the officiating priest who handled their child’s baptism ruined the ceremony by wearing inappropriate clothes.

The priest was spotted clad in a red sleeveless shirt and off-white slippers. The only thing that was rector material in the garments he wore was the white clergy stole and his black slacks. Online users were quick to reprimand the priest for his inappropriate attire.

The parents relayed the news to Pilipino Star Ngayon wherein they also expressed their displeasure, saying:

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“Hindi kami na-inform na pwede summer outfit, pinaghandaan pa naman naming ang aming mga pormahan.”

It would be understandable if one of the guests wore a casual outfit, but having the officiating priest wear unsuitable attire to conduct such an important ceremony was inexcusable for many devout netizens.

As of writing, the Pilipino Star Ngayon post has since been taken down from Facebook.

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