Couple adopts and raises ‘silver-eyed’ baby after seeing her on Facebook

It is already a challenge for a healthy orphan child to get adopted, but for someone like Primrose Lin, it is next to impossible.

Primrose was abandoned by her mother after realizing that she had glaucoma. After her illness was left untreated, the glaucoma spread across her eyes making it appear silver-like. Aside from being blind, she also has difficulty in hearing.

Baby Primrose stayed and waited in the orphanage for a family to adopt her, but because of her medical issues, there weren’t any interested parents.

All of that changed one day, after Chris and Eryn Austin miraculously stumbled upon a photo of her on Facebook. Eryn was immediately intrigued.

“When I saw the picture on Facebook, I don’t understand why. I don’t have any explanation,” she said in an interview.

Although the adoption process was tough, the couple persevered. And in 2016, Primrose finally found a new home.

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“We knew from the point that we saw the picture that we wanted her and that she was our daughter,” Chris revealed.

Chris and Eryn’s children were also excited to meet their baby sister. In a recent interview, Primrose’s older sister said, “right when she got home I was happy”.

While her eight-year-old brother saved his Christmas wish to Santa solely for Primrose. He wished for Primrose to talk.

As of today, Primrose still can’t see nor hear but is a lively kid. She is still in the care of her family who loves her deeply.

“Every day we fight for Primrose’s heart… We want her to know she’s 100 percent ours forever,” Eryn said.

Primrose's Forever Home

Primrose was born with piercing silver eyes that cannot see and was left at an orphanage immediately after birth. Halfway across the world a couple saw her photo on Facebook and instantly knew they found their daughter.Two years later the family has learned that adoption is not a fairytale, but instead a commitment to love, serve and protect a child throughout their life.

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There are hundreds of children out there who are just like Primrose, waiting. So, the next time that faint “could we adopt?” thought crosses your mind, don’t hesitate. Do it.

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