First-time celebrity mothers we should all look up to this Mother’s Day

Last May 13, we all commemorated all the loving mothers in the world. Every May, we celebrate the women who gave us life and who raised us to become the better versions of ourselves. Aside from showering our mothers with love, gifts, and heartfelt messages on the said date, we enjoy commemorating celebrity mothers too!

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In honor of these admirable women who just recently ventured into the motherhood game, we’re giving them a special shout-out on this article. Behold, the celebrity mommies and their babies who commemorated Mother’s Day for the very first time this year.

1. Isabelle Daza and her son, Baby Kanye

Photo Credit: instagram/isabelledaza/

2. Pauleen Luna and her cute daughter, Baby Talitha

Photo Credit: instagram/pauleenlunasotto/

3. Saab Magalona and her surviving son, Baby Pancho

Photo Credit: instagram/saabmagalona/

4. Kylie Padilla and her adorable child, Baby Alas

Photo Credit: instagram/kylienicolepadilla/

5. Liz Uy and her little ray of sunshine, Baby Xavi

Photo Credit: instagram/lizzzuy/

6. Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla and her source of happiness, Baby Isabella

Photo Credit: instagram/marieltpadilla/

7. Kaye Abad and her first child, Baby Pio

Photo Credit: instagram/kaye_abad/

8. Michelle Madrigal and her charming daughter, Baby Anika

Photo Credit: instagram/mitch_madrigal/

9. Nikki Gil and her first-born son, Baby Finn

Photo Credit: instagram/nikkigil/

10. Rufa Mae Quinto and her cute little daughter, Baby Athena

Photo Credit: instagram/rufamaequinto/

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We all salute you for your unending sacrifices. Happy Mother’s Day to these lovely and loving celebrity mommies!

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