Fashion Freak: Netizens refuse to bite at this eccentric teeth nail art

Fashion is the untouchable realm much like religion. Since time immemorial, there have been the craziest style trends that had people raising their eyebrows. But why the heck should we care? Anything that’s been tagged under fashion – even the weirdest, freakiest, and the most otherworldly object – is almost automatically considered artistic. However, netizens seem to think the total opposite about this Russian nail art that went viral recently.

A nail art studio from Moscow just started the most eccentric trend thus far this year by coming up with ‘teeth-nails’. It’s basically an accurate sculpture of teeth (specifically molars) – complete with cavities! – done on the nails using acrylic paint.

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According to Bored Panda, this wasn’t the first time that the studio, called Nail Sunny, made waves on the Internet for their strange art. If you’re not fond of teeth, you can ask for a nose sculpture or take it as far as having futuristic claws done on your nails.

Meanwhile, the netizens’ reactions pretty much sum up how we feel about this nail art fad.

“These are the most ridiculous I have seen in awhile!! Good lord why??!!!!? That is all I can say!!??!?”

“No no nope! Why why would a person do this! And to go as far to put a cavity one! Next they will have a gold grill”

“When I am old I will get those and then I could tap my Steak & Tap it with my fingers until it’s chewed and then I can eat, that will be fantastic”


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Source: boredpanda

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