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Man saves stray husky dog from an unfortunate end

Dogs are possibly the most loyal pet any human can have, and they have proven it throughout history. From Hachiko, to Benji, to Toto, and many more canine companions, dogs have countless times proven their undying love for their masters. Similarly, dog owners often shower their pets with all the love and care they can give. This story between a man and a stray husky is another in a long line of heartwarming tales about man and his best friend.

The story of a stray husky and a dog-lover named Rico Soegiarto went viral after the man saved the dog from an unfortunate end.

One night, as Rico was walking home from work, he saw a stray husky that was so thin you could see the bones poking out of its skin. Huskies are known for their lustrous and beautiful fur, but this stray husky was almost unrecognizable as its fur was thin and falling out. The poor pup looked like it was not long for this world.

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Not being able to resist its sad eyes, Rico took the puppy home and tried to save it. He fed and nourished the dog and frequently took him to the veterinarian. He also tried his best to groom the dog so it would get back its healthy fur. To everyone’s surprise, the stray husky recovered.

Now, the stray husky who was named “Hope” plays cheerfully alongside Rico’s four other dogs. It now sports healthier and thicker fur and has remarkably gained a lot of weight. Its blue eyes are now glimmering with happiness.

Hope’s before and after pictures are so dramatically different, you wouldn’t think they are of the same dog.

What an incredible and inspiring story!

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