Get to know the Indonesian ‘Tree man’ and his battle against a rare skin disease

Life isn’t always fair and sometimes it will flip your world upside down. However, no matter how bad a situation gets – how you deal with it is what matters. Meet Dede Koswara, the “Tree man” from Indonesia who was diagnosed with Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia. According to Wikipedia, Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia is an extremely rare skin disease that causes a thick carpet of bark-like warts to grow on both a person’s hands and feet.

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Mr. Koswara lived a normal life, together with his wife and children. But things quickly changed for him as his condition worsened. When the condition covered both his limbs, he was no longer able to move, feed himself or work properly.

He underwent several treatments and surgeries but none of them worked. The first surgery to remove the warts came back in 2008. The growths, amounting close to six kilograms, were removed. Koswara was able to walk and move for a while after the surgery. Unfortunately, the growth returned. Doctors revealed that he would need to have two surgeries per year in order to address the infections. No matter how many times he had surgery to address these growths, they always returned.

His disease did not only cost him his mobility, job, and money but it also cost him his wife and children. The ‘tree man’ couldn’t support a family due to his disease – which is why his wife left him. Furthermore, he received numerous insults for his rare disease which some superstitious locals believed was caused by a curse.

In 2016, the doctors shared that Mr. Koswara succumbed due to complications to his health.

“He was resigned to his illness. He must’ve been pretty tough to face all the insults he suffered over the years,” a doctor said, according to Daily Mail.

In 2017, Mohammed Taluli¸ a man who was also crippled by the same disease was successfully operated on and survived the troubling skin disease.

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Source: Dailymail

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