Saab Magalona’s baby Pancho to undergo another operation

After losing their baby girl Luna Isabel, Saab Magalona and her husband Jim Bacarro remain hopeful for their son, Pancho Gerardo.

It may not have been easy for the toddler for the past month, but he was able to live through the many complications that came with his birth.

Now, he’s set to face yet again another hospital trip – but now for a good cause.

On Wednesday, May 9, Saab – who’s still getting the hang of motherhood – revealed that baby Pancho would have to undergo another operation for the removal of his Ommaya Reservoir today, May 11.

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Along with a closeup snapshot of the youngster, the celebrity mom said:

“See that little bump on Pancho’s head? That’s an Ommaya Reservoir, a small silicone catheter put under his scalp when he was just a few days old. The reservoir was periodically tapped to relieve pressure on his brain caused by the buildup of excess fluids.”

Saab then took the moment to ask for her follower’s prayers for the well-being of her son.

So thankful for everyone’s prayers because he no longer needs the reservoir. God is good! Pancho will be undergoing surgery to remove it this Friday, May 11, so we ask for more prayers please for Pancho and his amazing doctors [sic]”

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Source: ABS-CBN

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