Woman extends kindness to homeless man and his 10 stray dogs

Random acts of kindness, indeed, go a long way. This is what a woman named Alice showed when she saw a man biking while carrying 10 stray dogs while she was on her way home.

While most of us would probably ignore this sight, Alice pulled over and talked to the man. From their conversation, she learned that the man was homeless and his name was Steve. Steve dedicated 14 years of his life to adopting stray dogs. He also revealed that he was on his way to Indiana to meet his girlfriend.

Seeing this man in such a distressing condition, Alicia and her mother decided to reach out to animal lovers through Facebook. After about two hours, lots of people had already volunteered to help.

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As per Little Things, Alicia also established an online fundraiser and was able to accumulate a large amount of money from people who had great sympathy for Steve and his 10 stray dogs.

For instance, there was Kelley who offered to drive Steve and his dogs to Indiana. There was also a kind-hearted woman named Angela who worked with an organization associated with destitute folks and their pets.

Additionally, Alicia’s kind gesture also earned Steve and his 10 stray dogs a trailer where they could finally be safe and sound.

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Source: littlethings

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