Hilarious bloopers from teleserye “Araw Gabi”, viral now

Acting is difficult. You have to memorize not only lines but also emotions. This is why it’s just natural for actors to mess up sometimes.The newest ABS-CBN’s afternoon drama “Araw Gabi” may be intense, but what goes on behind the camera will make you smile.

Check out these bloopers:

In one of the bloopers, Michelle, played by Barbie Imperial was jumping up and down on her bed when her lavalier microphone popped off its place.

In another scene, Michelle’s mom was serving food for her and her father when Barbie forgot her lines! And she so looked adorable apologizing to the director.

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JM also had some adorable bloopers of his own. In one scene, after forgetting his line, he just stared at nowhere for a while and laughed hard after! It’s seriously too cute to handle

Who wouldn’t end up stuttering in front of JM? Well, we understand you, Barbie.

Another one! Barbie apologized and gave off a whacky face.

The scene started off smoothly at first, but JM seems to be having a problem saying the word ‘friend.’

Barbie can’t help but remark that her glass is empty.

JM has a quirky side, after all. Spotted here is a playful JM lightly pinching his leading lady on the nose. We can’t get over this kilig!

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Source: ABS-CBN

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