This guy had a leg cramp and it looked like it came from a Sci-fi horror movie

Have you ever had a cramp before? If your answer is yes, then you probably already know that having an episode of cramps isn’t an experience you want to repeat. Actually, you won’t be even able to walk when it comes to leg cramps. This story is definitely one of the worst that you’ll ever see.

What is a cramp? Cramps are a painful contraction of a muscle – which can last for a few seconds or a few minutes.

Angel Bermudez from California took a video of his leg cramp that he had after presumably working out at the gym. He saw how his muscles twitched and was scared of what he watched. As of now, the video has had more than 14 million views and everyone can agree that it’s truly a terrible thing to watch – much less feel. We can feel wriggling in our legs while watching it.


Angel’s cramp was a shocker as he was obviously in a lot of pain in the ordeal.

He said, “Oh my God, it won’t stop!… I’m not doing anything. Come to think of it, it looked a lot like a chestburster from Alien was about to pop from his leg, ready to take down it’s host.

Now we don’t know yet how it happened. Maybe he forgot to eat some bananas? Maybe he forgot to stretch? Maybe he was dehydrated?

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Watch the video right here:

Apart from the obvious Alien film references, someone commented that it looked like he was about to turn into the Incredible Hulk! Now that’s unlikely but it was obvious that Angel was in incredible pain!

Of course, there were some netizens who gave him some advice. Some of them gave him some health tips like stretching and drinking of water.

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